Sandi M.
Toby should be wearing a superhero cape! I moved into a new house on hot day and the A/C was absolutely broken! I called Toby the next morning, a Saturday, and he came right over and immediately diagnosed the problem (completely empty-of-refrigerant, broken A/C unit) and was back on Monday morning with a new unit. It was installed quickly and the cost was completely reasonable. I can not recommend him enough - he even texted a few days later to make sure everything was working well.
Stewart W.
Our A/C was having a hard time keeping up on the hottest days, and when it started to not keep up on even the warm days I had our usual guy look at it, hoping to get a shot of Freon as we have been diagnosed with a slow leak previously. Usual guy wouldn't put Freon in it, had some complicated explanation about pressure in and out, and said we needed a new A/C, $3500 - $4300. Meanwhile the struggling to keep up on the warm days got even worse. With some hot days forecast we called Direct Comfort for a second opinion. Toby from Direct Comfort was out in minutes to look at it. He said we didn't need a whole new system, just a new indoor coil. Still pricey, but only 1/3 of what we had initially feared. He installed the new indoor coil the next morning. Cooling like a champ now. Toby said the outdoor compessor might be good for several more years, no need to replace now. Impressed with his timeliness, friendliness, accuracy of diagnosis and quality of work. Direct Comfort is now our go-to for HVAC issues.